Project Pemberton: Introduction

Perhaps my most ambitious project of all: building our own holiday house in the country. Here's how.

Since we had been married, Wifey and I have loved the southwest corner of our home state of Western Australia. We dreamt about having a house there, and towards the late 1990's we started thinking about making it a reality, and so it came to pass...Project Pembee!

I'm going to tell you a story, from the very humble beginning, the middle 11 years of owning it, to the very end when we sold it, of that country cottage. One big DIY adventure. Filled with building tips, anecdotes and humour, I hope you go away with a smile on your face and having learnt something useful. I'll also let you in on all the reasons why you should build yourself a cottage in the country, and all the reasons why you shouldn't.

So let's get started!

Timber framed pole home in Pemberton, Western Australia.